Mounting Solar Panels On Shingle Roof

mounting solar panels on shingle roof

Mounting Solar Panels On Shingle Roof

Mounting Solar Panels On Shingle Roof

We recently inspected a client’s home who had multiple leaks all over their house. It was coming from the fact that a solar company had mounted solar panels but didn’t know anything about roofing so they damaged the roof so badly that the whole roof now needs to be replaced.

How To Protect Your Roof When Mounting Solar Panels On Shingle Roof

Have a roofing company check your roof to see how long your shingle will last so that way you don’t run into the problem of mounting solar panels and having to remove them five years later to replace the roof. 

Have a licensed roofing company inspect the roof after the solar company leaves. This will give you a chance to catch any visible damage before the rain gets into your house and damages more. 

Cost To Remove Solar Panels For New Roof

In most cases, the solar panel company will come and remove them temporarily so that the roof can be installed. If this is the case for you, we highly recommend that you have the roofing company come back out to inspect the roof after they are finished mounting solar panels on shingle roof. 

We’ve seen it too many times where a brand new roof is destroyed from solar panels being installed. These companies don’t always know how to walk on a shingle roof so they end up scuffing the roof or dropping the equipment on the new roof and damaging it.

The Warranty On Your Roof

Some manufacturers’ warranties and warranties from your roofing company will have fine print in their warranties that talks about how if someone else walks on the roof, it could void the warranty. This is something you will need to be aware of. Be sure to read the fine print of the warranty and ask your roofing contractor to write you a waiver noting the fact that they will inspect the roof after the fact and still warranty it. 

Is Your Roof Too Old For Solar Panels?

Depending on the type of shingle, when it was installed, and how well the installation process was will determine the condition of your roof. You might have a 25-year shingle but if your ventilation in the attic isn’t working or you haven’t properly maintained the roof, then you will probably have a roof that reaches its end at year 15. 

You will want to check your records to see when the roof was installed. You can also check the condition of the roof from inside the attic space, looking for condensation and ventilation conditions. Also, your roofing contractor will want to walk on your roof and see the condition of the shingles close up. Making sure the flashing was done correctly and that the granules are holding in place to the shingles.  Having this type of inspection is the best way for mounting solar panels on shingle roof.

Free Inspection Of Your Roof

Whether before or after you have mounted solar panels on your roof, Chase Roofing will provide you with a free inspection and give you advice from a professional roofer. What do you have to lose? We guarantee you we will leave you well informed to make the decision that is best for you. 

Solar Panels On East Facing Foof 

While facing South is the most effective direction to have your solar panels facing. Having solar panels on East Facing roof can also work. But you might just have to increase the number of panels in order to produce the same amount as if they were all facing South. 

Solar Panels On West Facing Roof 

Same as above, you will possibly need to have extra panels to make up for what is lost. But it is possible and we suggest that you consult your solar company for more information.