You Need to Act Quickly to Repair Your Roof Leaks in Fort Lauderdale

You Need to Act Quickly to Repair Your Roof Leaks in Fort Lauderdale

In case you hadn’t noticed – it’s raining. Again. It is rainy season in South Florida. And while the rain is instrumental for our lush greenery, the accolades end right there. Too much rain can lead to leaking roofs, which can lead to property damage and other issues. If you are dealing with roof leaks in Fort Lauderdale, you need to call professional roofers. The experienced team at Chase Roofing and Contracting, a full-service roofing company, is an excellent choice.

There Are a Number of Reasons Behind Your Roof Leaks in Fort Lauderdale

Drip. Drip. Drip. If you have a leaking roof, it’s crucial to get it repaired or replaced, as soon as possible, to minimize the damage to your home. There are many reasons behind roof leaks, including:

* Age of roof. Anything over 20-years could be problematic.

* Missing, buckling or curling shingles

* Cracks or breaks in flashing

* Debris on roof

* Clogged gutters

* Moisture in the attic

The experienced team at Chase Roofing and Contracting can identify the exact source of your roof problems and discuss options with you. You may need to replace some tiles or shingles – or you may need a new roof altogether. In addition to damaging your roof and attic, you could also be looking at damaged floors, and possibly the whole structure of your home. And moisture in your home could lead to mold and mildew, which could lead to health issues.

Chase Roofing and Contracting provides many different services, including the following:

* Roof repair

* Emergency roof repair (we’re available 24/7)

* Attic insulation

* Commercial roof repair and installation

And, we install a variety of roofing, including metal, shingles, tile, and more. Chase Roofing and Contracting has been providing residential and commercial roofing service in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and other parts of Florida since 2002.

We’re experts at roof leaks in Fort Lauderdale. If you need emergency roof repair, roof maintenance, or if you’re in the market for a new roof, call Chase Roofing and Contracting at 954-680-8588.