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Residential roofing services are any type of service that applies to the roof. For example, roof repair, roof replacement, or roof maintenance. Roofing services could also include things like repairing trusses or minor repairs to the fascia. 

How much should you pay a roofer upfront?

Here at Chase Roofing, we ask for 25% at a minimum for a deposit. Certainly do not pay the whole contract amount upfront before the work has started. 

It’s normal for a roofing company to request a deposit so they can start the permitting process and purchasing of material. They might even ask for a progress payment throughout the job.

Make sure you receive all that was promised in the residential roofing services contract before paying the balance. 

What services do roofing companies offer?

Every roofing company is slightly different in what residential roofing services they provide.

It’s normal for a roofer to have a few extra skills in other related services such as gutters, fascia, attic insulation, or siding. 

But the part to look out for is when the combination of services doesn’t make sense. Like when someone does driveways and roofing, or foundations and roofing. 

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How do I estimate roofing costs?

The cost of a roof is determined by the size, difficulty, quality of material, and labor required. 

Metal residential roofing services are more expensive than shingles because metal is a more specialized skill set that is harder to come by than shingles. 

Difficulty levels will vary based on the pitch of the roof, how many walls, valleys, and penetrations are on the roof. The steeper the roof the harder it is. All the details take more labor and time. 

Should I pay a roofer in cash?

If you get a receipt for the payment then yes, it is totally fine to pay in cash. The problem is when someone pays for residential roofing services in cash but doesn’t receive a receipt.

When they give you a receipt, don’t have them delay it, make sure they give it to you at the same time of the payment. 

Find Out If Your Roof Has A License.

You will want to be sure that your roofer has a license and has insurance. 

Follow this link to check the Florida Licensing list. Type in the general info for any company and they will show you the license number and whether or not the license is active. 

Your roofing company should also be able to provide you with proof of insurance. 

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