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Roof Repair Fort Lauderdale

We, at Chase Roofing, stand ready to perform any necessary roof repair. Residential roofing repair often allows us to showcase our abilities to correct common problems left behind by a home’s original builder. In the case of commercial roofing repair, we are aware of the many causes of problems that result from standing water, roof neglect, and much more.

Roof Repair

Roof repair can include replacement of broken or missing tiles and shingles, repairs of small or large leaks, emergency post-hurricane/storm repairs, roof painting and repairs to the fascia and drip-edge of your roofing. We also repair and replace gutters, provide waterproofing coatings (See Roof Coatings) and maintain your roofing in a wide variety of ways.

There are many reasons why roofs fail. Blisters are the most common problem and occur when a gas, usually water vapor becomes trapped between the plies and the insulation of generally asphalt roofing.

Open laps in either the field membrane or the flashings are another common problem that usually occurs when the installer failed to apply adhesive properly or some other failure in preparation of the roofing materials being utilized.

Splitting occurs when a metal accessory is flashed with membrane material and temperature or other changes occur.

Punctures are the most preventable and result from people walking on the roof or because of storm debris.

Penetrations in the roof, such as pipes are vulnerable to a roof leak because the flashing can either wear down or if the installer skipped a step, it can leak sooner. 

Wrinkles will be seen most often on flat roofs. Unfortunately, this can either be a sign of the structure settling, or temperature changes that end up causing the decking to shift. Which in turn causes wrinkles. 

Flashings are a part of every roof, it is a special piece of roofing material that transitions between the roof and a wall or penetration. These can fail for multiple reasons and they should always be inspected.

Fasteners are one of those maintenance types of items. Whether it’s an exposed fastener or a nail under a shingle, if water can get to it, you are going to want to cover it in roof sealant. 

Repair and preventive maintenance can extend the life of your existing roof for a fraction of the cost of reroofing. Maintenance programs often prevent the cost of special assessments and also lower the CAM charges on commercial and industrial buildings.

Consult your tax professional because the IRS rules state that maintenance is considered operating expenses, which allows the business owner to deduct the entire expense the year of the repair.

Do You Have I Licensed Roof Repair Technician?

Chase is qualified to address all of these to repair your roofing from the replacement of missing shingles to a complete repair that requires the removal of all existing roofing material down to the wood decking to guarantee that the roofing problem is corrected. Call us today for all of your roof repair requirements. And ask about our Platinum Warranties.

Roof Repair Photos

Above you will see photos of different types of repairs. In this specific project, we had a leak in the valley and had to remove all the tile down to the plywood because the leak traveled up to 10 feet away from the entry point. We had to replace some plywood and install new underlayment and then up the tiles back in place. 


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