Solar Roofing- Is it For You?

Want to make your home a thing of the future and make your electric dependence on fossil fuels a thing of the past? Well, you can do all this and save money at the same time by installing a solar paneled roof on your home. Listed below are a few reasons why you should run to your nearest phone to make the call to install your very own solar roof today!

1. Climate Control– Control the temperature in your attic as well as your whole home. To avoid damaging valuables kept in your attic, you should install a solar roof vent. A solar roof can also assist in your home’s climate control even if you don’t have an attic by assuring temperature control during the hot summer days. This is due to the solar roofs ability to allow air to circulate throughout the entire home, which creates a cooling atmosphere.

2. Save Energy– Spend less on your energy bill by switching to solar roofs! Not only will you be saving money from not using traditional electricity that is dependent on natural gases, you will find yourself spending even less on the aspects of your home that take up the most amount of electricity, such as your air conditioning.

3. Save Money– As mentioned above, you will find your electric bill decreasing more and more as time passes as solar roofs do not need energy to function. They only need the power of the sun, which is free!

4. Save the Environment– Solar roofs do not harm the environment the way that traditional electric plants do by emitting harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuel or through nuclear plants. In owning a solar roof, you are indeed helping the environment, one roof at a time.

Solar panel installation

So you’re convinced! You would love to learn more about making solar roofing a possibility for your home. However, you may be asking yourself:

Are my roof and home equipped for solar capacity? There are a few things you should look for when determining if your roof is solar ready. You should hire a reputable inspector to check if your roof has:

• Adequate Roof Access
• Parapets
• Roof Pinch
• Static Load
• Thickness of Roof Cladding

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