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Tampa, FL Residential Roofing

Quality Roofing Service in Tampa, Florida

Your roof is an important part of your home. It needs top-quality services from an experienced and reliable roofing contractor. That is why you need Chase Roofing. 

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor serving homeowners in Tampa, Florida. We have been providing quality roofing services in Tampa for 19 years and have built a reputation of quality, trust, integrity, and reliability, which we stand by.

Trust all your roofing needs to us today, and you will not regret doing so. We handle roof installation, repairs, replacement, inspection, and maintenance in Tampa and surrounding areas in Florida.

Roof installation

Roof installation is a major part of any building project. This is because it adds to your home’s exterior beauty, protects it and its occupants, and provides insulation.

At Chase Roofing, we know how important the roof is to any building project, and that is why we provide the best roofing installation to our clients in Tampa, Florida. 

We work with our clients based on their design needs and budget to provide a top-quality roofing installation service. We install asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs, slate roofs, clay tiles roofs, and many other roofing materials in various styles. 

No matter your design needs or budget, we are equipped to handle it. 

Tampa Roof Repair

Roof repairs are a part of life for homeowners in Tampa, Florida. Repairs might be needed because your roof is ageing or recently sustained damage during a major weather event like a hurricane or tornado, which are common in Florida. 

We provide quality roof repair services in Tampa that would restore your roof to its original state. We are experienced in handling various roof repair needs.

A worker in a straw hat installs roofing shingles on a residential roof on a clear day, with palm trees visible in the background, highlighting the shingle repair Fort Lauderdale often requires.

Here are common signs your roof needs repairs:

  • Frequent water stains on the ceiling or interior walls, especially after heavy rain 
  • Leaks in the roof
  • Shingle grains in the gutters
  • Wood stains in the attic
  • Mold and moss buildup 
  • Peeling wallpapers 
  • Weakened underlying decking from moisture exposure
  • Loose or damaged flashing

Contact Chase Roofing today for your roof repairs in Tampa and the surrounding areas. 

Tampa Roof Replacement

Roof replacement might be required when your old roof has sustained extensive damage or reached the end of its shelf life. In such cases, a repair might not be feasible. 

You might also be renovating your home and desire a newer model or an upgrade of your roof. Depending on the style of your home, you might decide to upgrade from asphalt shingles to cedar shakes or tiles.

Chase Roofing provides exceptional roof replacement services to homeowners in Tampa, Florida. We are experienced in handling various roof materials and styles. 

We have over 19 years of experience as roofing contractors handling roof materials like asphalt shingles, metal roofs, clay tiles, wood shakes, and many more. 

Trust your roof replacement to us today. We are reliable, efficient, and affordable.

Tampa Roof Inspection and Maintenance

Just like any other part of the home, your roof requires regular maintenance for healthy functioning and longevity. A key part of roof maintenance and preventive care is regular inspection.

Your roof requires frequent, thorough inspection by experienced professionals. Many homeowners think that inspection of their roofs is only needed when a repair is needed or when they begin to notice signs of a fault in their roofs, like a leak or wet walls. 

Regular inspections can often prevent these faults and save you hundreds of dollars in repairs. This is because, during an inspection, these issues are caught early and nipped in the bud before they become major issues. 

The National Roofing Association also recommends that you regularly inspect your roof at least once a year. 

At Chase Roofing, our roofing specialists recommend a twice-a-year riding inspection. We offer a comprehensive roof maintenance package guaranteed to keep your roof in top form and guarantee longevity. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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