Three Reasons for a Commercial Roof Repair

Three Reasons for a Commercial Roof Repair

Are you an owner of commercial space in Tampa? Do you find that your roof requires repair? There are many reasons for a commercial roof repair. It’s complicated to know when you’re in need of service until the roof begins to leak or physical and visible issues become visible. At Chase Roofing, we see roof damage quite often, and usually, those damages are significant. Because people can’t see their roofs, they forget that like all other areas of your location, it needs attention. Keeping up with inspections throughout the year will help you to avoid roof repairs or damage in the future. Here are three reasons for a roof repair: 

Strong Storms Cause Need for a Commercial Roof Repair in Tampa  

One of the most common reasons for a roof repair in Florida is due to strong named or unnamed storms. The tropics are known for torrential downpours, flooding, and hurricanes. When strong winds rip through your city, there is only so much one can do to take precaution. Mother Nature is stronger than all precautions combined, which is why roof damage tends to be so common. When strong storms roll through, there’s a chance of lost tiles, landing trees, or even leaks. Leaks from a strong storm tend to be massive since the length of rainfall is unforgiving. If you have a roof leak, you’ll undoubtedly be aware of it after a hurricane. The experts at Chase Roofing are here to help. 


As mentioned, some business owners forget that their roof needs maintaining. The abandonment of roof care can lead to drastic deterioration. While Florida is a paradise, its weather conditions are harsh. The oppressive sun coverage, downpours, and winds can bring your roof to a pitiful state rather quickly. Flat roofs, in particular, suffer from the direct sun all day long. This can wear down the structure of the roof, which can be very dangerous if not properly maintained. All roofing companies don’t specialize in flat commercial buildings, but Chase Roofing does! It‘s vital to ensure that you choose a professional before hiring a company for maintenance.  

Worn Roofing or Poor Materials  

Two of the other frequent reasons that companies need a new roof is because of the roof’s age, or because of the materials or installation practices used. Old roofs won’t last forever, and if your roof is near the end of its lifespan, it’s time to find a reputable roofer like Chase Roofing to replace or repair. A repair for an old roof will only be beneficial for so long. A replacement is usually encouraged, even though it’s a pricier endeavor. Poor materials or installations can also leave your roof in a vulnerable condition, and that can impact your need for a repair.  

At Chase Roofing, we specialize in all things roofing whether it’s commercial or residential. Our repair and replacement experts have decades of experience, making us a top choice within the city. If you’re in need of a commercial roof repair in Tampa, call Chase Roofing today at (954) 680-8588. We’re ready to help you maintain a safe working environment!