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Do you need a roofer in Weston?

If you have lived in Florida all your life or for years you already have it instilled to prepare for hurricane season! That means getting a lot of water, batteries, and canned foods, but is your roof hurricane/storm ready? You can prepare all you want during hurricane season but if your roof is weak you will be in more danger then you think! With that being said, do you need a roofer in Weston?

Why you should have a roofer come inspect your roof

As we said you can be prepared like crazy for a hurricane or tropical storm but without a strong roof you are going to be looking at a lot of repair or a whole new roof. To prevent this from happening you should have regular roof inspections especially one before the big storm hits. During a hurricane winds can go as fast as 155 mph and if can pull your roof shingles, tiles, or roof deck right off. Hiring our team of professionals will put your mind at ease and not to mention all the money you will be saving by contacting our team! That saying, better safe than sorry, couldn’t more in effect than it is right now for your family’s safety and to salvage your roof.

Let the best roofers get your roof ready for the hurricane/storm!

It can be very hard thinking of ourselves in a situation like the ones that happen in movies or to people on the news, especially if you have lived just fine in your home with your roof held up perfectly. However, your roof may not be giving you any problems now but all roofs age and the last thing you want is finding out your roof is not as strong as you thought after a big storm or hurricane! This is when we come in and help you prepare for hurricane season, let us do a routine inspection and make sure your roof is ready to rumble with the winds of a hurricane or storm! If there is something wrong with your roof we will be able to get it fixed. We won’t just throw a patch on your roof and call it a day, from planning to completion, our craftsmen take pride in the honest and quality work we provide for our clients.

Work with us today!

Are you rethinking your whole hurricane preparedness plan? Hopefully you are thinking about getting a roof inspection and if so work with our team at Chase Roofing & Contracting for dependable roofing services. Your wallet will be happy to know that our prices are competitive for all our quality work and using the best materials! Give us a call today and let’s get your roof inspected!

In the proposal phase of our re-roofing, Chase showed a strong interest in helping with our insurance discounts and carried that to the end of the job by seeing that we had all the necessary paperwork. The job started on the day they had promised and continued straight through every workday except for fairly significant rain delays which they handled nicely. We were satisfied with the communications, maintenance of the work site, and the quality of work. We are happy to rate Chase Roofing with five stars

David S.

First and foremost your employees were so polite!!! They showed me pictures of exactly what they were doing and explained every detail which I felt was very important. This is my 3rd time (for different leaks) using Chase and find they are very professional and knowledgeable and they really make the customer #1. Thanks again!!!!

Joyce M.

We had Chase Roofing do our new tile roof and they did an amazing job. They are very professional, quick, and very courteous. Johna helped us choose the right roof in our budget. Kailly updated us along the whole process from start to finish. Nick / Jorge and the guys did a great job. We are very happy that we went with Chase.

Karim El Sheikh

Thank you for the letter. Everything with your company has been wonderful so far. Looking forward to seeing the finished product, as I’m sure it will be stellar.


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Yet another satisfied customer in Davie! Thanks for the testimonial!

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