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3 Tab Shingles will be your most economic choice for your house although they have the lowest wind resistance and life span of any of the shingles.

With a wind resistance of only 60 MPH and a life expectancy of 25-years from the manufacture, this 3 tab shingle might be the perfect shingle for your home, essentially if it is a one-story home. The taller the structure the more susceptible it is to high winds.

Here in Florida, wind is a big factor to consider, given all the hurricanes we get down here. Our company follows the strictest standards in the nation, the Miami Building code. Even when we aren’t in Miami, we still follow these building codes.

3 Tab Shingles Technical Information

This information above has come from the Owens Corning 3 tab shingle page where they discuss the different features of their shingle. The name they have for their 3 tab shingle is, “Supreme”. Every major brand has a different name for their 3 tab shingle but in the ends, they are all pretty similar.

Our company strongly recommends the Owens Corning brand for many reasons, but in general, we have found them to be the most reliable shingle on the marketing.

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Shingle Colors For The 3 Tab Shingle

Click through the colors below and use this tool below to find a 3 tab shingle that looks best on your home. Keep in mind that during this time, there have been some shingle delays with certain colors, but for the most part, we are able to get them all.

How To Install 3 Tab Shingles

What we often see that in situations where 3 tab shingles blow off really easily, that the nails are above the tar line. The tar line is a thin line of tar that goes all the way across the 3 tab shingle helping them to seal down together.

This enables air to get up under the shingle and lift it up. Also, when you nail the shingle in the current location, it will actually go through the shingle below it, adding extra fasteners to that lower shingle.

How your roof is installed is the most important thing. You could have the best shingle but if it’s not installed correctly, it doesn’t matter.

Manufacturers have specific guidelines for how to install their shingles. There is a difference for installation depending on the pitch of the roof and a few other details. But across the board, the main point is to nail it in the correct location.

Failing to nail the 3 tab shingles in the correct way is one of the biggest reasons why shingles blow off. The other reason would be if the wind is too strong if the tar strip wasn’t strong enough and so on.

Rememer that the 3 tab shingle only has a wind resistance up to 60 MPH. The older the shingle, the more likely it is to blow off.

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Architectural Shingles vs 3 Tab

The Architectural shingle is a fantastic upgrade especially when you go with the Owens Corning Duration shingle. This is the only architectural shingle on the market that has three layers of material overlapping each other along the nailing line.

In addition to this, the architectural shingle comes with a “limited lifetime” warranty, a 50-year non-prorated workmanship warranty and material warranty.

Only if your installer is certified with the manufacturer can they give you the enhanced warranty mentioned above.

Learn more about architectural shingles here.

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