Chase Roofing Awards

Chase Roofing provides so much more than just satisfying your roofing needs. In serving the community through exemplary craftsmanship, customer service, and philanthropic aid, it’s no wonder so many awards have been bestowed on this distinguished roofing and contracting company. The many testimonials given by the numerous amount of pleased customers should be enough to […]

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Roofing Safety

Safety should be your #1 priority in any situation, and roof work should be no exception. In order to ensure that whoever is working on your roof is doing so following the proper safety procedures. The following safety areas need to be addressed: Ladder: • Use professional ladders that are up to code and NEVER […]

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Flashing The origin of flash and flashing are uncertain but these words are related to a pool of water and the word splash. Usage may come from Middle English between 1350–1400 “…flashed to sprinkle, splash [compare with] flask…” Dictionary quotes refer to lead as the material used as a flash. Counter-flashing (cover flashing, cap flashing) […]

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Don’t let lack of attention lead to roof damage!

In order for a maintenance program to work, it’s important to partner with a roofing company you can trust and build a lasting relationship. Most people don’t think about a roofing system mainly due to its location. If you passed it each day, we would easily recognize its wear and tear, a shift in material […]

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Choosing The Right Shingle Roofing Colors For Your South Florida Home

  Shingle roofing colors for Southern Florida presents a unique set of roofing challenges. Your choice of roofing must withstand the wet weather and winds of tropical storms, but it must also tolerate soaring temperatures on sunny days without becoming brittle or raising your cooling bills. Shingle roofing protects and beautifies your home while keeping […]

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