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The roof is one of the most vital parts of any home. It protects everything in the home, from your belongings to the structure that keeps the house standing. Every roofing contractor will agree that without a sturdy roof, you run the risk of destroying everything you have. However, even with that risk, we often see home roofs go years without repair or maintenance.


As a result, other problems start to begin, such as a leaky roof. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you know what signs to look for. When you know how to identify common roof problems, you can know when your roof requires the help of a roofing contractor in Davie, Florida. Below are the top five signs that your roofs need repairs.

Shingle roofs are one of the most popular styles down in South Florida. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, fitting for every home, but they are also durable, even during intense storms. However, like any roofing style, shingles are not resistant to everything. Enough high-speed winds and hurricanes can crack or remove even the most durable shingles. If your shingles start looking worn down and cracked, it’s time to consider repairs. And if you are missing any shingles, you most definitely should have our roofing contractors in Davie, Florida, check it out.
Cracked or missing shingles is more of a minor fix. But a sagging roof, on the other hand, is a more severe problem. The sagging or drooping roof may not be obvious at first.
However, over time, you will do a double-take and realize that something is off. As soon as you begin to see the sagging roof, it’s time to reach out to a roofing contractor in Davie for help. The sagging is probably due to a build-up of moisture and this will definitely need to be fixed sooner than later.

The attic is one part of the home that many of us do not venture into. Most of us make the most of this dark and cramped space by storing things we do not use regularly. However, checking up on the attic is critical. The attic area can give you a lot of insight into the state of your roof and home. One thing you want to keep an eye out for is moisture in the attic. The humidity and moisture that you may find could point to a leaky roof, water damage, and maybe even mold.

Missing shingles have gotten mentioned already, but where do these shingles go? One place you want to check is in the gutters. All shingles have granules on them. When these begin to show general wear and tear, they strip off and fall into the home’s gutters. Checking out the gutters could not only give you insight into the state of your roof, but it can also keep you on top of gutter maintenance. Too many granules in the gutters could result in blocking the gutters, which can also cause a leaky roof.
Paying attention to the exterior of your house from time to time can save you a lot of money in damage repairs. One thing to know is that when the roof starts to age or suffers from damage, humidity and moisture build-up. Naturally, this can spread down to the paint and cause it to peel. Our roofing contractor in Davie, Florida, sees this as a sign of something being wrong with the roof or gutters. Either way, both problems could cause leaks and other water damages issues internally and externally.

Roofing Contractor Who Can Help!

Whether your roof has one of these signs or all of them, it’s critical to reach out to a roofing contractor in Davie, Florida. The longer you wait to get the roof inspected, the more problems you will have.


One visit from the Chase Roofing team will let us know what’s going on and how to fix it. In no time, you will have a roof that is repaired and as good as new. To learn more about our services, check out our website or give our team a call at (954) 287-4623.

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