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It’s probably no surprise that your metal roof cost is higher than other types of roofing, like shingles. A metal roof requires more skilled craftsmanship and the material is also more expensive. 

When it comes to metal roofs, there are multiple types and styles of metal roofs that all affect the cost of the roof. Along with the size and difficulty of the roof. 

What Determines How Much A Metal Roof Cost

  1. Size of roof
  2. The difficulty of the roof (pitch and access)
  3. Style of metal (corrugated or standing seam)
  4. Type of metal system (gauge, anchors, etc) 

The size of your roof affecting the metal roof cost is pretty straightforward. Difficulty on the other hand can range from the things around the house to the pitch and angles of the roof itself. 

When there are bushes, trees, different structures, other large or otherwise costly landscapes, these all affect the difficulty of the job. It’s ideal for trucks or dumpsters to be parked close to the house to make it easy when removing the old roofing material. 

If we are unable to park a dump truck close to the house, we then have to drop the old roof on tarps and carry it by hand to the truck. Our top priority is to protect your landscaping and so we take special care to cover everything in tarps and with plywood as needed. 

On top of the metal roof, every valley, wall with flashing, and more can add to the difficulty of the job. Some metal roof costs are low because the roof is an easy up and over. But when you have a lot of pipes, skylights, metal valleys, or metal flashing, it requires more time and labor to install all those details. 

These are also the areas that are unfortunately places that people cut corners, resulting in the stories we hear of someone getting a new roof and it leaking soon afterward. It’s because all these details which are harder to install were done poorly. 

Here at Chase Roofing, we make sure that all of our roofers are trained to the fullest extent and we take the time necessary to install every aspect of the roof in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Because we know that Florida weather is nothing to play around with and because you deserve to have the quality roof you invested in. 

Third-Party Pricing

There is a company that researches the prices of metal roof replacements across the United States. They gather information from all different contractors and put it together for everyone to view. The reports are separated by regions, so the photo below demonstrates the metal roof cost for Florida. 

In this report, the cost of the roof is based on a 30 sq roof / 3,000 square foot roof on a rectangular hip roof with two average-size skylights. 

These prices tend to be on the high end and do not accurately represent Chase Roofing when it comes to metal roof costs. But it helps to give you pricing context for what prices will be in the Florida area. 

Figuring Out The Cost Of Your Florida Roof

Roofing companies will price your job either by the square foot or by the “square”, which is the terminology that roofers use to describe a 10’x10’ area of the roof. So you might hear that a roof is $1,200 per square or you might hear $12 per square foot. 

If you want to get a ballpark number for what your roof replacement will cost. You can’t simply measure the square footage of your house. The square footage of your metal roof is larger than the square footage of your house because of the pitch of the roof. There are also many other factors that affect the cust besides the square footage. Such as the accessories on your roof, penetrations, flashing, and more.

Because of all the different factors that affect the price, we only give an accurate price for a roof replacement after inspecting the roof in person.

metal roof cost

Price Changes

Unfortunately, in recent months, because of the Covid Pandemic, the prices of material have increased significantly. Along with this have come the labor shortages and general issues with products being shipped around the country. So the roofing industry has been hit hard by these circumstances. 

As such, we have seen price increases in Florida and expect to see more in the coming months. This is the case not only for metal roof costs but for all roofing products. So we definitely recommend getting your roof addressed sooner rather than later. 

Metal Roofing In Florida

There are many different types of metal roofs but the two most common in Florida for residential roofs will be either the standing seam metal roof or corrugated metal roofs. 

With all of the intense weather we get here in Florida, a metal roof is a wonderful solution for roofing needs. If you are wondering what a metal roof cost, contact us today for a free consultation and ask about our roof financing options.

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