Florida standing seam metal roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof

A standing seam metal roof comes in a variety of profiles and is an excellent choice for your Florida home. If you are looking for great curb appeal and a roof that will last a very long time, a standing seam metal roof is the choice for you. 

What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof? 

This name refers to the profile of the roof that you can see in this picture. A standing seam metal roof will be basically flat in the middle with two sides that stand up about 2-inches. 

On the sides where the seams stand up, this is where the roof is fastened together and to the roof deck itself. There are multiple methods for how these panels connect 

Different Types Of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Within the name, standing seam metal roof, there are multiple variations of staples, types of material, and longevity of the system. 

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Flat Profile 

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The flat profile is common in Florida for low-pitched roofs such as porch roofs. Unfortunately, because of the flat surface between the standing seams, the metal is able to “oil can”, basically it can make it easy to see ripples in the metal or any imperfections in the roof deck that push through the metal. This is why we recommend the profiles with ribs 

Profile With Ribs

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The standing seam metal roofs that come with pencil rips come in a variety of appearances but basically function the same. 

These types of standing seam profiles provide a stronger roof panel for your home. 

Securing The Standing Seams

The vertical part of the roof, the standing seam, is where the roof panels are connected to each other. This is also where the roofs are fastened to the roof deck. This enables to you have a roof without exposed fasteners. 

Other types of metal roofs will have exposed fasteners but as a result, they require more maintenance and can easily leak because of all the exposed fasteners. 

Different styles of standing seam metal roofs have different methods for locking and securing the panel together. Some snap together and others require special tools to crimp them together. 

Each version comes with a different level of durability and of course, the type that requires the special tools also requires extra labor and specialties. 

Colors For Standing Seam Metal Roof

Every residential metal roof brand of standing seam metal roof will come in slightly different colors but basically all the same. 

Take a look at the sample below, and when you meet with one of our roofing consultants, they will be able to show you a physical example of the colors as well. 

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Maintenance For Standing Seam Roof

As with every roof, it’s important to have your roof looked at occasionally. This will help your roof last longer. For a standing seam metal roof in Florida, there are a lot of extreme weather conditions. From extreme heat to high winds, it’s strongly recommended to have regular roof maintenance. 

During the maintenance of your roof, the most sensitive aspects of your roof, such as the flashing, fasteners, and any roof caulk will need to be inspected. All the pipes and any other penetration on your will need to be inspected as well.

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