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We are often asked about how long does a metal roof last. Our answer is, it all depends on what type of metal roof you have installed on your home.

A metal roof could last between 20-to-50 years but there are also a couple of components that affect the longevity of your metal roof system in Florida, the weather being one of those factors. Other things to consider are the type of metal roof system and how it is maintained. 

The two types of metal roof systems you will find are either the screw-down system or the standing seam system both have a different life span. 

Screw Down vs Stand Seam

The typical standing seam metal roof has a smoother appearance. Compared to the screw-down system where you can see every screw that’s in your roof.

Generally speaking, your standing seam metal roof can last up to 50-years. A metal screw-down panel system can last up to 20-years. 

The beautiful thing about a standing seam metal roof is that it can easily be refurbished to prolong its life. A screw-down system unfortunately has all these exposed fasteners holding the roof down that don’t last as long.

The screw-down system is also not coated in the same quality paint as the standing seam metal roof systems are. So the longevity of the paint is also significantly different. Be sure to get the manufacturer’s information from your roof consultant regarding the paint and the coatings of your metal roof.

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Screw Down Metal Roof System

Let’s go into a little more detail with this screw-down metal roof system. The fasteners that are used for a screw-down system are screws that have rubber gaskets on them. These screws are highly susceptible to workmanship error because all it takes is for a screw to be installed at the wrong angle and it can create a gap. 

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In Florida, the panels for the screw-down roof system that you will most often see will be corrugated or some that look flat with ribs running up the roof. Since the screws are applied to the face of the metal, they are highly susceptible to the sun and rain.

Stand Seam Metal Roof System

When it comes to this roof system, homeowners in Florida love to hear the answer to their question, how long does a metal roof last, because 50-years is exactly what they prefer. A long-lasting system with minimal maintenance.

Standing seam metal roofs have a significantly longer-lasting life span because they are designed with a higher quality paint finish, direct from the manufacturer. This roof system is also installed in a way where the fasteners are hidden below the roof, protecting them from the elements. 

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Maintenance, How Long Does A Metal Roof Last Without It

If your roof is old and you are wondering how long does a metal roof last, our roof consultants can help.

Our recommendation is to have your metal roof inspected a year after installation. Thay way it has a chance to go through all the seasons and if there is anything to address, it should be identified within that window of time. 

Next, we encourage an inspection every 5 years. The reason is, some roof sealants and caulk break down sooner than others. So it is important to keep an eye on all the sensitive parts. Along with all the flashing. 

If you’ve ever had repairs done to your metal roof, you will want to keep an eye on them to make sure they are holding up. Some products work better than others and if you don’t have a certified roofing contractor on your roof, you are going to want a second look. 

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