Spring Cleaning Tips from Chase Roofing: Your Coconut Creek Roofing Specialists

Spring Cleaning Tips from Chase Roofing: Your Coconut Creek Roofing Specialists

Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time to get serious about maintaining and cleaning the essential elements of your home. At Chase Roofing, your Coconut Creek roofing specialists, we’ve helped hundreds of clients prep their home for the year ahead. One of the biggest advantages to spring cleaning your roof is that you can prepare for the pre-hurricane season. This ensures that every shingle, tile, and waterspout is in place, before any large storms coming into the area. At Chase Roofing, we’ve created a special checklist with our clients in mind! Keep reading to learn more. Are there pieces you’ve missed? 



  • Gutter Cleaning with Coconut Creek Roofing Specialists 


One of the easiest, seasonal cleanings to do is a gutter cleaning. Nobody likes to do it, but it certainly is important. Fortunately, at Chase Roofing, this is what we do! It helps to free up space for your rainwater to flow effortlessly to the waterspouts. It also stops water from pooling up on your roof, which can later cause severe damage. Cleaning the gutters isn’t expensive, and it saves you thousands of dollars in otherwise expensive repairs! 



  • Double-Check the Essentials 


The materials that protect your home the most are your shingles and your tiles. Not only are these aesthetic elements, but they’re also there to keep rainwater and debris from ruining the more vulnerable parts of your roof. However, with intense weather patterns in South Florida, it’s common that these materials need to be replaced or repaired. If there are any loose or damaged shingles or tiles, you can count on Chase Roofing to replace or repair them with ease. 



  • Landscaping Care 


While landscaping and roofing don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, there are aspects of your garden that can either make or break your roof. For example, if you have tree branches that extend onto your roof, you’re setting yourself up for a possible accident. It makes an easy roadway for rodents to make a home of your attic, and it also creates a possible scenario where a tree branch falls on your roof, creating damage, and possibly creating leaks. 



  • Check for Leaks 


As mentioned, leaks are a serious threat. Not only are they not aesthetically pleasing as they create water patches on your ceiling, but they’re also dangerous. Large quantities of water can lead to a cave-in, and any amount of water can lead to mold and mildew. Both damages can bring expensive bills your way, making it better to be safe than sorry. 


If you’re looking for Coconut Creek roofing experts, you’re in the right place. At Chase Roofing, we’re professionals in our field, and we’re one of the top companies in the area. The reason being is that we truly value the relationships we create with our clients. Once people use our services, they call us time and time again for other roofing necessities in their lives. If your home needs a spring cleaning, don’t wait any longer. Contact a member from our team at 954-680-8599 and see how we can help you prepare, secure, and flourish this year!