Four Actionable Tips on Commercial Metal Roof Repair in Davie

commercial metal roof repair
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Four Actionable Tips on Commercial Metal Roof Repair in Davie

For those with a commercial metal roof repair need, we know that a leaky roof causes headaches that affect the merchandise, materials, and inside the property. Most owners fail to understand that taking quick action is the key to preventing the situation from becoming worse. Many business owners tend to delay out of fear that it will hurt their cash flow and increase their maintenance costs over the short term.

The reality is that the roof will cause the water to damage the structure and foundation of the building costing more money in the future. Those who are smart take actionable steps to understand what is happening and prevent it from impacting other areas. There are four tips you can use on your commercial metal roof repair in Davie to protect and maintain it. These techniques deal with any challenges early and extend the life of your roof well into the future. We’ve listed them below!

Commercial Metal Roof Repair Inspections 

At least once a year, you need to have your roof inspected by a professional roofer. They will help you perform preventive maintenance and identify areas that need to be fixed such as weak spots. These areas often are the first parts of the roof to face a problem and fixing them early is the key to preventing even more damage. These kinds of approaches make it more cost-effective by not replacing the entire roof and addressing the issues when they are small. 

Keep the Roof Clean

A part of performing regular maintenance on the roof is to keep it clean and to prevent the buildup of debris. Most commercial roofs are flat surfaces, making it likely that stones, leaves, branches, and twigs fall on them. The free-standing material interacts with the water when it rains to cause backups and puddles. These are the spots where mold can grow and eat away at the roof’s surface.  It can also impact the HVAC unit’s performance with debris building up in these areas. After a big storm, it is advisable to call a professional and have them perform a cleaning to keep everything working smoothly. Never try to clean the roof yourself, as it can cause further damage and jeopardize your safety. 

commercial metal roof repair

Clean the Gutters and Drains

At least once a year, you want to make sure the gutters and drains are clear of any debris like twigs, leaves, or bird nests. These elements allow the buildup of dirt and make it difficult for the water to drain correctly. If left unaddressed, the water will become blocked and back up onto the roof. It is at this point when leaks and other damages are compounded from not keep the gutters and drains clear. Sometimes, it is a good idea to have a professional look at these areas after a big storm or a few days of rain. These are the times when it is more likely that debris will build up and block the drainage system. 

Watch Out for Blisters

A blister is a bubble that develops when extra heat is caught inside the roof, causing large bulges. The direct sunlight heats it with no escape and a blister forms, damaging the protective surface. They fill up with water during rainstorms and cause leaks all along the surface of the roof. Do not assume the problem will go away on its own, as this will only worsen and create more damage. Call a professional and have them clean around the blister to eliminate any debris. They will open the blister and remove the materials that are causing the bulge and check for damages surrounding it. Next, they will apply a protective coating all along the surface area around the bubble to seal it. 

We Can Help!

Commercial metal roof repair in Davie is challenging and can be made costly without consistent maintenance must be performed to prevent damage. Several actionable tips you can use include regular inspections, keeping the roof clean, clearing the drains/gutters, and watching out for blisters. These techniques reduce the headaches and provide you with a reliable roof that lasts well into the future. If you would like to learn more tips on how you can properly maintain your roof, or for roof repair and installation services contact Chase Roofing today!

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