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Did you know that poor insulation in your attic can add up to 15% of your home’s energy loss? That’s 15% more you would be paying on energy costs and 15% more of a carbon footprint you would be depositing.

In understanding the importance of our home’s or facility’s roofing insulation, you are able to understand so much more on the aspects that go into constructing a building. Your roof’s insulation acts like a protective blanket. It is wedged between the roof’s surface and the roof deck and is used to reduce the transfer of heat. In warmer climates, you can combine new cool roof technology with your existing the insulation to reduce the cost of moderating the building’s temperature. In cold climates, this layer of insulation reduces the loss of heat during cold weather.
No matter where you live, it is important to maintain the optimal temperature for your home or whichever facility you are in charge of by ensuring the installation and maintenance of adequate insulation. If you find yourself hiring a roofing company to design a new roof assembly, be sure that the following is taking into consideration in regards to your insulation:

• Budget
• Building codes
• Geographic region of building
• Intended use of building
• Roof deck elements
• Type of roofing system
• Roof drainage

More Benefits of Roofing Installation
Adequate roofing insulation will reduce your utility costs. This is usually the most popular reason for insulating. However, there are more reasons as to why insulation will truly be a benefit for your home. Proper roof insulation:

• Increased fire rating
• Lessened carbon “footprint”
• Mold resistance in some types of insulation
• Reduced condensation inside the building
• Less roof deck expansion and contraction from having a consistent temperature

If your insulation becomes crushed or saturated for whatever reason, it will no longer be effective as it will lose its ability to properly reduce thermal transfer. Unfortunately, problems with your insulation are not particularly easy to detect. Therefore, it is vital to detect and replace insulation areas that may be damaged before further damage occurs.
When you’re considering a new roof, don’t overlook the importance that insulation plays in the longevity of your home. Choose Chase Roofing in deciding on which type and amount of insulation is best for your home or facility.

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