When To Call a Roofing Contractor and How to Choose the Right One – Roofing Contractor Broward

When To Call a Roofing Contractor and How to Choose the Right One – Roofing Contractor Broward

As a resident or business person in Broward you know very well how turbulent the warm and wonderful weather can turn to high risk tropical storms and even hurricanes and increased likelihood of possible damage to your roof. Be prepared for these high damaging winds by having an expert weather tested professional roofing contractor like Chase Roofing Contracting examine your roof. When you encounter minor or major weather-related roof damage you need reliable estimates, expert workmanship and professional experience by contractors that strictly follow OSHA and state guidelines.

Recognize Trouble Signs

You should have your roof examined on an annual basis by a trained expert roofing contractor. Of course there are certain obvious signs that you can detect on your own as well. If there are tell-tale brown or water spots developing on your ceiling, or if there are a number of missing shingles, or standing water on your flat roof, you have repair problems that need to be addressed. Also examine your storm gutters to see if there is a notable build up of shingle granules. A damaged or missing flashing is also a definite sign that you are in need of roofing repair.

Contact Building Inspector

Even though you are eager about contacting a roofing contractor to make what you may consider urgent repairs, you should take a step back and contact the Broward County Building Inspector’s office. Although you may feel it is adding one more step in the process of repairing your roof, you can safely ask the building inspector questions about roofing damage, as well as whether an extra set of shingles is really permitted instead of adding a whole new roof. The Broward County building inspector can also apprise you of all of the relevant roofing ordinances that govern repairs and total roofing removals, so that contractors cannot misguide you.

Select the Right Contractor

You have to be discerning in selecting a contractor for your roof’s repair. A full-service, bonded, insured and licensed roofing and general contractor like Chase Roofing & Contracting, which has an excellent professional reputation in Southern Florida since 2002, is your first step. It is crucial to have a contractor that is state-certified, specializes in Hurricane preparedness, uses the highest quality roofing materials and the Better Business Bureau has given an A-Rating. Begin you roofing repair experience with the Broward County professionals, and you will not regret it!

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