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Roof leaks in South Florida aren’t uncommon. In fact, many individuals in the state face water damage claims and cases a few times a year! While flooding is obviously the worst-scenario outcome, there are alternatives that are still frustrating, but not nearly as damaging. Roof leaks can range in sizes and devastation levels. Some are small and leave only a segregated area to deal with. Others are quite large and can result in the entire demolition of a particular room. Either way, a plantation roofing expert will need to come assess the situation and present a plan of action. In this article, we’re share four of our favorite tips for fixing roof leaks in South Florida.
Call Chase Roofing: The Plantation Roofing Experts
The first step is to contact Chase Roofing. By calling a roofing professional first, you can know that they’re on the way as you begin to clean up. There are some water damage situations that aren’t worth cleaning up on your own, especially if there is mold growing. A roofing expert will come to your home and check out the damage. From there, they can tell you what to expect and how best to take action. They’ll also provide you with a pricing sheet so that you can know, upfront, what the payments will be.
Remove Valuables and Furniture
Water is an element that works quickly. The wood on flooring, walls, and furniture can easily become a target. As water seeps in, the woods become quickly ruined. Therefore, it’s crucial to get anything you’d like to save out of harm’s way. This includes electronics, carpets, tables, chairs, sofas, and any other valuables you have sitting around. If the water is a threat to your safety, don’t move the electronics, as a bad accident could occur.
Ask a Roofing Professional to Locate the Leak
Once you have the space free of valuables, ask the roofing experts where the leak is coming from. Some situations are easy to find, especially if they are big enough to make a puddle or a mess on your flooring. However, others begin small and eventually result in a water stain on the ceiling or a dip in the drywall. Fortunately, this is what roofing experts do, and it shouldn’t be difficult at all for them to locate the source of the problem.
Use a Bucket
If the water is still leaking when you find it, make sure to use a bucket or another water-proof container to catch the water. This will ensure that nothing else will be ruined. Additionally, using a bucket can give roof repairers an idea for how fast the water is piling up, and just how severe the damage is.
At Chase Roofing, we’ve been in this business a long time. We know that roof leaks can be scary, but with our plantation roofing experts, we can help you solve all of your roofing issues. Your home is your safe place and your roof is your most basic form of defense against the outside world. Contact our team today to get started at 954-287-3745!

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